Green tea

Green tea


Green tea has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Regulates metabolism, improves digestion. This elixir is cheerful, gives positive mood and well-being.


Corrugated packet: 20 filter bags for 2g in individual envelopes.


100% green tea.


3-10 minutes brewing time, water temperature ≈ 100 ° C


The homeland of tea is considered to be China. One legend says that the tonic properties of the drink were discovered almost 5000 thousand years ago by the emperor Shen Nong. He made sure that the drinking water was boiled in the court for reasons of hygiene. One day, during summer, dry leaves from a bush that grew near, fell into the boiling water, from which it acquired a characteristic reddish tinge. As a scientist, Shen Nong was interested in the aroma of unknown broth, drank some and felt a surge of energy and freshness, from what he got delighted and exclaimed: «The drink, which stimulates and relaxes at the same time!» This moment is considered to be significant in the appearance of tea.