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Rose hip


The generic name of rosehip derives from the Greek word "Rhodon", which means "pink". There are many legends and beliefs about this plant. According to one version a garden of the wild rose hip surrounds the temple of Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greece. Aphrodite, after learning about the death of her beloved hunting Adonis, rushed after the messenger. Thorny bushes scratched her skin, drops of blood fell on the branches and turned into red buds. So there was a wild rose bush which during the flowering period looks like a huge bouquet of roses.


The rose hips contain 10 times more ascorbic acid than black currant and 50 times more than lemons. Dried rose hips are indispensable tools to help fight the spring vitamin deficiency, many respiratory and inflammatory diseases. Healing fruits can strengthen the immune system, normalize blood pressure, improve heart and blood vessels.


20 filter bags for 3g in individual envelopes.

Corrugated package 80g

Polypropylene packaging 80g


100% hips (wild).




Pour 2 tablespoons of fruits (preferably pre-grind) into 1 cup (250 mL) of boiling water, under cover or in a thermos.

For sachets: 5-10 minutes brewing time, water temperature ≈ 100 ° C