Green tea

Linden flowers


Translated from the Greek word «Ptilon» which means "wing". Linden has been mentioned in ancient Greek mythology, works of ancient scholars and writers. In those days it was referred to as the "golden tree", appreciating its beauty, longevity, medical and practical benefits. People, after all, considered linden as a sacred tree. They believed that it brings good luck and protects the home. Linden was planted near houses, temples and palaces, its branches were used to decorate homes during the holidays. The ancient Slavs believed linden tree as the goddess of love and beauty, and the Christians - as the Virgin.


Linden tea is known as a cure for cold. It has diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It relieves fatigue, normalizes heart function, activates the metabolism, promotes weight loss, stabilizes the nervous and digestive system. This is a great vitamin drink that tastes good, especially for children.


Corrugated package 20g

Polypropylene packaging 20g


100% linden flowers (wild)


Pour 2 tsp into 1 cup (250 ml) of boiling water, hold 3-10 minutes under the lid.

Water temperature ≈ 100 ° C