Green tea



The common name comes from the Greek word "Thymos", which means "spirit, courage, strength" because of its stimulating and restorative action. The first mention of Thyme dates back to the III millennium BC. e .: in the ancient Sumerian cuneiform tables there has been written prescription of medicinal poultice with thyme. In the Middle Ages it was believed that thyme finds the human heart as ‘home’ and gives people strength and courage, so the image of its branches in various combinations and surrounded by bees are often decorated with knight's scarves. On the proposal of many people in the house thyme attracts happiness and promotes longevity.


Thyme tea increases the immunity and efficiency, reduces fatigue, improves metabolism and well-being, strengthens the body, has an antibacterial effect. It is believed that this plant is an essential for men's health, its use prevents the development of prostatitis, removes sexual weakness and prevent early ejaculation.

Thyme as seasoning improves the smell and taste of vegetable dishes, excellent in cooking pork, beef, lamb, poultry, fish, soup of lentils, peas and beans. It is used in smoking products and pickling vegetables.


20 filter bags at 1.5 g. in individual envelopes.

Corrugated 30g Package

Polypropylene packaging 30g, 100g


100% leaves and flowers of thyme (wild)


Pour 2 tsp into 1 cup (250 ml) of boiling water, hold 3-10 minutes under the lid.

For sachets: 3-10 minutes brewing time, water temperature ≈100 ° C